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Original Oil Paintings


I have painted off and on for about 20 years. Although I am currently taking a break from oil painting to explore wet felting, I've decided to leave these examples of my paintings here for anyone who might stumble upon them and feel like taking a little "Art Break". Enjoy!


My work is inspired by the beautiful landscapes and images of rural living around my home in South-central Wisconsin. My primary medium is oil on canvas, often combining brushwork and pallet knife for an expressive and spontaneous feel.

SOLD - The Grass Is Greener
SOLD - Icy Marsh
SOLD - Sunny Harvest
Personal Collection - Still Standing
SOLD - Marsh Mirror
SOLD - Byway Barn
Personal Collection - Up and Over
Hunt and Peck
Yellow Cones
Cone Couple
SOLD - Summer Cone Flowers
Into The Woods
SOLD - Wetland Waterway
Oak Path
SOLD - Bit Of Winter
SOLD - Misty Morning Oak
SOLD - Get The Mail
SOLD - At The Lake
One Tree Hill
SOLD - Autumn Road
SOLD - Autumn Lakeside
SOLD - Birch Line
SOLD - Birch Treat
SOLD - At The Farm
SOLD - Roadside Barn
SOLD - Bright Winter Walk
SOLD - Icy Marshside
Ripley Marsh
Solo Cedar
SOLD - Winter Moonrise
Autumn Pastoral
SOLD - Anderson Barn
SOLD - As It Turns
SOLD - Once Upon A View
Personal Collection - Autumn Reflection
SOLD - Wade House Team
SOLD - Barn View
Winter Waterway
SOLD - Bright Day Barn
SOLD - Field Thaw
SOLD - Daisy Day
SOLD - Egret Up
SOLD - Streamliner Style
SOLD - Spring Crossing
SOLD - Summer Crossing
SOLD - Winter Crossing
SOLD - Autumn Crossing
SOLD - Old Hiawatha
SOLD - Big Sky Barn
SOLD - Fall Drive
Field & Flash
Summer Blues Barn – Award Winner!
SOLD - Extra Seasoning
SOLD - Autumn Barn
SOLD - Rolling Road
SOLD - Jean Acres Barn
SOLD - Barn Study
SOLD - Winter Treeline
SOLD - Creek Bend Barn
SOLD - Winter Hedgerow
SOLD - Winter Shade
Personal Collection - Long Winter
SOLD - Little Gateway
Camrock Ride
SOLD - Old World Privy
SOLD - Spring Brook Landing
SOLD - It's In The Barn
SOLD - Camrock Colors
SOLD - Winter Chill
SOLD - Winter Walks
SOLD - Leaning Towards Spring
SOLD - Tree & Stone
SOLD - Summer Horizon
SOLD - Nothin' To See Here
SOLD - Birch View
SOLD - Follow The Leader
SOLD - Pasture Pals
SOLD - Two Bites
SOLD - One Bite
SOLD - Big Bite
SOLD - Sidelines
SOLD - Marshside
SOLD - Field & Prairie
Personal Collection - Summer Shade
SOLD - Happy As A Pig
SOLD - Schuster Rooster
SOLD - Hello Hereford
SOLD - Young Wyandotte
SOLD - Bantam Dance
SOLD - Winter Birch
SOLD - Blue Moon
SOLD - Autumn Show Off
SOLD - Waterside Wait
SOLD - October Surprise
SOLD - Four Little Birds
SOLD - Grass Fed
SOLD - Still September
SOLD - Turk's Cap
SOLD - Cooler In The Shade
SOLD - Three Susans
SOLD - Three More Susans
SOLD - Pugnacious Pines
SOLD - Just Turned
Personal Collection - A Golden Ending
SOLD - April Sky
SOLD - Oak & Friends
SOLD - Bit Of A Loner
SOLD - Trailblazers
SOLD - Spring Beckons
SOLD - Winter Bed
SOLD - Misty Field
SOLD - Winter Shadows
SOLD - Let's Walk
SOLD - Winter Field
SOLD - Can't Get Me Down
SOLD - June Sky
Personal Collection - Morning Patrol
Personal Collection - Summer Swing
SOLD - Stand And Sway
SOLD - Field's Edge
SOLD - Winter Shore
SOLD - Winter Cut
SOLD - Winter Marsh
SOLD - Pig Race
SOLD - Red Cedar Secret
Personal Collection - Up Early
SOLD - Meet Me
SOLD - Autumn Edge
SOLD - Ready For Take Off
SOLD - Sprinkles Please!
Personal Collection - Superior Day
SOLD - Masago Munchies
SOLD - Marsh In March
SOLD - Feathers & Fluff
SOLD – Alpha Chicken
SOLD - Mud Lake
SOLD - Bail-'em, Bale-'em
SOLD - Fence Line
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