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Carrie Griesemer

About Carrie Griesemer

Carrie has worked professionally in the Graphics field since 1990. Working first as a production artist before moving on to lead graphic designer for packaging and displays, Carrie consulted on the implementation of nationwide internal graphic design studios for the Longview Fibre Company. In addition to her award-winning design work, Carrie’s experiences with Longview included creating sales materials, building a photography studio, assisting in presentations, and training incoming designers.


In 2008, Carrie expanded her freelance business, taking on website work, digital graphics, photo retouching, product photography, logo design, trade show banners, booth graphics, and just about anything related to visual arts.


Carrie lives near Madison, Wisconsin with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.

Mindful of my customers' budget and goals, I work to build a connection between products and consumers in a way that informs and engages, effectively, and elegantly.

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